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Ernie Peterson checks blueprints on this latest plumbing contract. Handling industrial and commercial as well as home plumbing, Peterson offer prompt emergency services 24 hours daily.

Experience Pays,
Peterson Goes Into His Own Business

Last May, Ernie Peterson, 2302 Corona Road, with 28 years of experience in the heating and plumbing profession, decided to go into business on his own.

Included in the jobs he worked for other firms was the plumbing contract for the twin terminal buildings at O’Hara Airport. Peterson was the foreman on the job, which required the work of 50 plumbers.

Since he began his own business, Peterson has handled numerous commercial and industrial jobs, including a present contract with Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

While his home is being built, the owner seldom sees the heating and plumbing contractor, who is usually brought in by the builder. But if something should go wrong later, Peterson hopes homeowners will call him.

Offering 24 hour emergency service, Peterson says, “We stress prompt service. If you go when people need you in an emergency, they will remember you when they have a bigger job.”

Among the bigger jobs Peterson can handle readily are power rodding of sewer stoppages and repair of major water pipe leaks.

He has two service trucks with complete plumbing equipment, one of which has pipes and fixtures for installation contracts.

Also, he has essential equipment for emergency repairs in his station wagon.

Peterson has a trained staff, including three other plumbers and his son, Dick, who is a second year apprentice and is attending apprentice school.

One of the products Peterson specializes in is a garage disposal unit which can be installed in sinks in less than two hours.

Each time it is turned on, internal rotary blades move in the opposite direction, clearing and scraps which might have remained from preceding operation.

If something should catch in the blades, self-service wrench which comes with the unit may be used to clear them, saving bothersome service calls.

Peterson also carries a complete line of Crane, American Standard and Kohler sink fixtures.

For all work, Peterson and his staff fully licensed and insured, and the firm is bonded.

The owner who needs pipe heating and plumbing service can reach Peterson at 244-4234.


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